Honestly says after the expedition I felt in such under mental pressure because of the difficulties with the nature battles that I wouldn’t like to write anything happened at Bozcaada island. I was pleased by the Russian comments in the forums and the pride boys in our team, the best and real one. In fact occurred there always is worse than the bad. But we managed to finish the contest. Yes, we aren’t at top three but the lessons have been learnt and next year we will be triple more strong, prepared and highly motivated.

    Planning of this year expedition started few days after returning of our previous TC2M. Participation offers have been sent to LZ3YY and LZ1CNN. After deep analysis we pointed our action. We organized a training participation in RDXC from LZ6C where we checked how exactly our new boxes work. The experiment was well done. We ordered a new 20 meters antenna. A new antena comutation system has been in development, too.  

Many new things have been gathered, the work grows more and more every year but the most important is the result. Approaching our departure three more persons joined our team- LZ3ND, LZ1DCW and TA3D. We didn’t have operators’ penury, on the contrary.

    Neno, one of our regular participants went by mini-bus from Balchik 20 minutes after the end of LZDXC 2013, as long as I needed to take the both K3's and ACOM to step apart. Everything else have been loaded previously. In the evening Neno arrived in Lom with LZ2UW and LZ1ZF, slept there, gathered more luggage and on Monday morning, November 18th he went to Sofia, where hi picked LZ5VK luggage up. In the same afternoon he arrived in Karlovo with LZ1NK. The mini-bus was overloaded there. In the night they all started the travelling. In the meanwhile LZ3YY and me were reaching the border through Malko Tyrnovo. We aimed to reach the island next day in the early afternoon. Everything was under control and at 12 p.m. we were able to get to the ferriage. It occurs it is going at 2 p.m. so we entered a little restaurant to have some meals and to have a rest there. At about 3 p.m. we stayed at the hotel and after several conversations with the hotel keeper Ahmed Bay we rented 5 rooms, one of them for shack. We get separated in two groups and started working on our tasks. Till the evening we have already had three verticals of 160, 80 and 40 meters. Shack’s room has been empty by us and we get prepared two stations there. The dinner was excellent, almost as a king’s one. For the first time I have been travelled with this team we are stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Next day we had a breakfast at 9 a.m. and everyone was in good condition. We attacked the upper range antennas – till the evening we have already had three yagi per four elements each of 20,15 and 10 meters on the masts and three elements spider on 40 meters. There was a south wind all day long.

Thursday morning after a big storm during the whole night with hurricane wind and rain, the spider at 40 meters high was looking like a basket, the 15th meters yagi was sloping, the 160 meters vertical was with ragged capacity hat. We started changing the broken parts and added more strengthening on 15th meters yagi.Two new stretch tightens from south were built, several new antennas spider for 20.15.10 were getting ready, Bevaridge on 330 degrees, RR33 and GPN4B as receivers and ones. This day the last participant in our team Vesko LZ5VK arrived and he immediately started to prepare his own task to organize and let the whole shack. Due to him we haven’t had anything burnt within last three years. A new distribution of our tasks has been done in the evening. On Friday, the last day before the contest… a new night storm appears. In the morning the spider for 40 meters is broken again. After short consulting we decided to give it up and started to build three elements Delta lop fixed in 330 degrees on three basements of 13 meters each one. During the day we were making K9AY, put cables in controls, rotators, antennas and so on. In the evening the little spider is raised up till working high and we tried to do the same with 20 meters yagi but around 9th meter a mast’s rope is cut. We don’t have any time left for nothing else. We decided to put the antenna where we can – at around 6-7 meters from the land. This stress test with antenna’s fall fully sustained so special thanks to its constructor LZ2GY have been extended. In the evening some of us stayed to turn the shack on and others to have a rest before the start.

      At 2 a.m. the first five operators are on their positions. Everything is under control and works fine. We starts on 80 and 40. During the first several hours 380 connections per hour have been made and at 6 a.m. we started 160 meter just per an hour before the sunrise. It turned out we were late and we are pressed by European pile-up. Americans are shouting from underneath but they cannot go through. Several multipliers TO7A got squeeze through in the meantime. In this way the contest started. The rates are good. We have got a lot of calls. The weather was getting better the sun was shining and the wind stopping blowing. First 24 hours we finished with 6 000 connections and 14-15 million points. On Sunday the start was good too, the result was growing up but at 5 p.m. the illusion has been lost. An awful storm appeared… Then we had a broken 160 m antenna, the three elements for 40 lied down, the little spider with broken mast and cut yagi at 10 meters has gone. Till the contest’s end we raised the deltas for 40 m twice in the rain and darkness. The wind was so furious so I even couldn’t hold the pole raised. 15 and 20 got closed and we had only 40 and 80 left.

Our final result was 28.3 million, 11 000 connections, 200 areas and 735 countries.

Special great thanks to Ahmed Bay- the greatest hotel keeper. To all our desires his only answer was “YES”.

He often surprises us with kindness and gestures taking care about all of us.


Team’s participants:

Mustafa TA2TX

Yashar   TA3D

Mayor    LZ1NK

Captain  LZ1CNN

Document maker LZ1DCW

Cable solutions    LZ2UW

My hair is an obstacle  LZ3YY

The foreman  LZ3FN

The chef   LZ3ND

The guru   LZ5VK

Delilah Lama Neno


P.S. The pictures describing all these dramatic cases can be found in Gallery.


73 DE LZ3FN & TC0A team





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