Short story 2013

SHORT STORY OF TC0A in CQ WW CW Contest 2013

This year our preparation was much more serious than ever before. After last year's bad experience we decided to do a scout "spy" visit to find the most convenient location for our purposes. So, our choice was Bozcaada island - AS-099. Extremely good from our point of view - very rarely inhabited, flat and without noise on the air. We arrived on Tuesday (19th of November) afternoon around 15 o'clock. Quickly assembled the 160, 80 and 40m verticals and started to work on the air (TA0/home calls). Our work for the next day was strictly divided and everyone of the team knew what to do. By Wednesday's end we had picked up 4 el. yagis for 10, 15 and 20m respectively and spider beam for 40m. That same night there was a storm which shattered the spider beam for 40m and the vertical for 160m. On the next day, Thursday, we started repairing the spider beam and 160m vertical. In addition, we installed one more spider for 20,15 and 10m, K9AY, RR33, beverage on 330 degrees, GPN4B . That night another storm hit us. After checking the weather forecast on the next morning we decided to leave the 40m spider and assembled 3 el. delta loop at 330 degrees, at three spider beam poles. The crank up mast, for the 20m yagi, broke down and the antenna was left at only 6.5 meters above the ground. During that whole period LZ5VK was setting up the shack. On Friday evening we were still running around connecting cables and wires.

The contest started normally. We had extremely high rates at the beginning. All the automatics worked just great. The 40m delta loop performed very well. The working schedule was as follows: 10 hours working, 6 hours resting. On Sunday morning, for the first time, we checked the www.cqcontest.ru and discovered that we were in a tie, with PJ4A, for the 2nd and 3rd place but we were making progress. But we just forgot Mr. “Murphy”:  at  17:00 PM, some 9 hours before the end of the contest, another - third storm hit us and broke the pole of the vertical for 160m, the three band spider mast, 10m  yagi and the mast. But as it turned out that wasn't the end of it and sometime later the wind knocked down the 3 element delta for 40m. With that our dream for place in top 3 vanished. Until the end of the contest we had to repair and pick up  twice, the 40m 3 el. delta , all that during constant wind and rain. Despite the dramatic development and all the obstacles the team didn't stop fighting till the end. Now we are even more motivated for further battles.

Thanks to all of you who called us...see you in 2014.

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